OfERR (Organisation For Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation) is formed to serve Sri Lankan refugees, who are living around 100 refugee camps in Tamil Nadu, South India. "Nallayan Research Center for Sustainable Development" is established by OfERR (Spirulina Production, Research and Training Center) the organization to protect Sri Lankan refugees (children, pregnant women and lactating mothers) from malnutrition.

OfERR’s Spirulina protocol (developed by a Madurai Charitable Trust in Tamil nadu, South India) is similar to SEVAS’s protocol (A home-based Spirulina productivity by using simple tools and methods)




Let us start

               Our journey to learn advanced biotechnology (of Spirulina production) at

                      at Nallayan Research Center, Navallor village, Kanchipuram District, Tamil Nadu, India, Postal code:  631501


The journey starts from "The Chennai Central Railway Station"

To travel economically, catch a bus from The Central Railway Station to go to "Broadway Bus stop" (just 15-20 minutes of journey, An Auto rickshaw will charge approx. Rs 25/-, bus ticket costs per head: Rs.3)

From “Broadway Bust stop” catch "21H" bus from "Broadway Bus Stand" to go to Navallor Village (Traveling time One Hour, Approx 30 Km, bus ticket per head costs
Rs. 9/-)






Chennai Central Railway Station


After reaching the Navallor Village (very few people can speak English) hire an Auto rickshaw to "Ceylon Poultry Farm", or to "Polaris Industry (1/2 Km from Nallayan Research Center)". (Auto rickshaw charges around: Rs:50/-)

Maps from Google (Navallor Bus Stop, Polaris Industry and Nallayan Research Center).

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K Retnarajasingam works for Spirulina Research Center, Navallor, is the man behind the show for the maintenance and development of Spirulina Production Technology. He supplies approximately 14 Kg of Spirulina powder per day under the name of “OfERR” organization to around 2500 people who live in Sri Lankan Refugee camps.           


Program Coordinator:

Mr. K. Retnarajasingam,

       Mobile: (+91) 98840 00413

Web: http://www.oferr.org/spirulina.html        

Chennai Office: (91)044- 28193063                  Navallor Village Office:                              (+91) 98840 00414 (Mobile)                    (Contact Persons: Vijay Kumar or Senthil Natham)


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